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If you ever need to connect with someone who will truly be honest with you, create a safe space to be uncensored about your business struggles, "gets" the whole "Creative's" mentality and HOW to create win-win strategies to move forward and actually be successful - Dale is your guy! Getting on a call with him will instantly feel like your talking with family, and with someone who really cares. Thank you Dale!
Dale's fun and personable nature made our weekly meetings both productive and enjoyable. Dale is out front blazing a trail for companies that are ready to step out of the box.
The Business Success Movement Facebook Group has helped me become more confident. I learned how to do Facebook Live videos, am using them, and seeing these videos getting the best results in all of my marketing. Plus these people are so supportive and encouraging. It’s one of my favorite go-to groups on Facebook.
Dale is a very results oriented professional who always came through with great insights and suggestions.
William McIntosh
Managing Partner
It’s great to have a community of other entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of and learn from. If I have a business question I know I can count on someone to get me pointed in the right direction. This is why I like the Business Success Movement.
Dale, your value is your understanding of large B2B businesses and your sales insights. You make what the big guys do, make more sense for the little guys. You help the little guys think more like the big guys but using words that make sense to those that aren't fully in that world.
Muriel Buckner is a member of the Business Success Movement
Muriel Buckner
Business Owner
Thank you… Couldn’t have did it without your awesome business coaching
One of the things that made this such a great experience was the fact that Dale worked with us through all the tough times. He was patient as we drug our feet internally to do the work. Plus our team is not tech-savvy. Dale took the time to educate us and held our hands when needed, to help us see the value and results we would get if we just stuck to things. If it wasn’t for the helpful poking and prodding and the ability to keep us on track, this program wouldn’t have worked. Dale helped push us into uncomfortable territory, but we are seeing great results because of it.
Pete Johnson
Pete Jonson
Founder & CEO
The best part about being a member of the Business Success Movement Facebook group, for me, is a feeling of not being alone as a business owner. Communicating with others that are dealing with challenges is both comforting and brings great opportunities to help each other to grow.
Dale has been a great mentor to me. He is easy to talk too, full of great ideas and out of the box thinking, but doesn't have an ego or thinks he knows it all. He's fun and easy to work with, and really invests his time into people without expectation. His main goal is to see results for his clients, and his hard work pays off for everyone.
Dale is an excellent resource and has a deep knowledge of business and knows how to get it done.
Dale is attentive, patient, and dedicated to helping his clients succeed.
Erin Colbert
Business Owner
Dale is very knowledgeable and super easy to work with. It is clear that he values your success as a business and goes above and beyond to take your company from good to great. Highly recommended.
Beth Cherry
Business Owner / Art Director
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