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Get serious about consistently WORKING ON your business


Are you seeking Inspiration, Motivation, Accountability, Comradery, and Support in Growing, Scaling, and Systematizing Your Business?

Any business owner knows it is lonely at the top. When you have a burning issue in business where do you turn to get solutions to real-world business problems? Maybe a mastermind group of like-minded business professionals is the answer to your problems. Office Hours is a weekly 1-hour meeting where business owners and peers get together to Work ON your business and personal growth.

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Join the Business Success Movement’s OFFICE HOURS mastermind group today!

Did you know 96% of all businesses fail?

Business Failure Rate

Mastermind Group Expectations:

The members have the flexibility of attending whenever, but weekly attendance will get best results. You will be expected to be open, honest and share in the group as well as ask for help in areas you are working. Again, the more active you are the better your outcome will be. This is a Give-To-Get community and the more you help others, the more they will return the favor.

Mastermind Group Deliverables:

The OFFICE HOURS mastermind group offers a combination of brainstorming, education, inspiration, motivation, peer-to-peer accountability, and support in a weekly group video call setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. The mastermind group’s goal is to help you consistently WORK ON your business in order achieve success, a healthy lifestyle, and make impact on the world.

Is this group for you?

  • Are you someone that wants to get serious about working ON your business?
  • Are you openminded and know that you certainly do not know it all?
  • Are you someone that is committed to ongoing learning, personal development, and habitually improving your business?
  • Are you able to drop your ego and get vulnerable in a group to ask for help?
  • Are you an expert in some area of life or business and know that you can add value to other business owners seeking to grow?
  • Are you free at sharing your knowledge with others and truly like to help people?
  • Are you looking to surround yourself with other business owners passionate about growing their businesses?
  • Are you seeking accountability and support because it is tough staying focused and getting stuff done?
  • Are you someone already in business and found a certain level of success, but seem to be stuck currently and wanting to get to the next level?
  • Are you an action taker that likes to get shit done and checking things off To-Do Lists?

If you answered yes to several (or all) of these questions then you are in luck. We have a weekly 1-hour meeting where we will discuss all things business. As this is part of the Business Success Movement, we will focus on topics related to Strategy, Mindset, Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Finance and how to apply these areas to managing and growing a healthy business. We will also discuss how to build a business you can sell and how to conscious capitalism focused business.

Price –

$249 /

The Mastermind Group pricing is $249 per month. If you are ready to get started, click the Join Today button or Click Here!

Annual Payment Option:

You can also pay an upfront $2490 annual payment. By paying annually you only pay for 10 months and get 2 months free compared to the monthly pricing plan.
Click here to learn more on the annual payment plan.


A true win-win opportunity.

Napoleon Hill coined the concept of the mastermind alliance in his 1925 classic book “Laws of Success” and later included it in his world-renowned book “Think and Grow Rich”. He believed that a group of like-minded, achievement-oriented individuals could dramatically leverage each other’s success.

Why Join a Mastermind? 

Imagine being part of a group of business owners who are all committed to consciously improving their lives and manifesting their dreams.

“When you are surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible”

Howard Schultz (Starbucks Coffee)

These individuals each bring unique perspectives, resources, skills, and contacts to the group. Most importantly, each one is committed to actively working towards their own goals and supporting the other members in achieving theirs.

Data shows that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve those goals. To take this one step further, the data also shows that people who share their goals with other people, boost their success even higher.

Join the Business Success Movement

Join the Business Success Movement’s OFFICE HOURS mastermind group today!

Who leads this group?

Dale Berkebile is the founder of the Business Success Movement

Learn more or connect with me via social media.



  1. Kill Status Quo
  2. Lead by Example Always
  3. Deliver Consistency
  4. Inspire Positivity and Kindness
  5. Express Curiosity
  6. Love On The Tribe
  7. Give More than You Take
  8. Lead with the Heart of a Teacher, Think like a Publisher

Hi, my name is Dale Berkebile and here’s a bit of my story.

Let me help lead you to success. I am the facilitator of the Office Hours Mastermind Group. A mastermind is all about group collaboration and peer-to-peer accountability, I am just facilitating and guiding the direction of the meetings, but let me share why I make a good facilitator. 

I am very strong in strategic thinking and I am a high-level visionary. What this means is I will help push you and challenge you to view new and fresh ideas. I will help you address multiple alternatives and choose the one that will get the best results. I can see trends long before most people, so I can help you find innovative solutions typically long before your competitors. 

I am very passionate about honesty and integrity and staying true to my core values. This means you can trust I’ll do what is right for you and will be very loyal to your success if you are driven by a PURPOSE other than greed you are in the right place. I am an action taker and like to inspire and support others to be action takers that get shit done.

I have been in business for 20 years. I  run a sales and marketing growth firm called Brandwise. Over the last 6 years I have been doing business, sales, and marketing coaching to offer more accountability to my clients. In the last 20 years, I have seen a lot change in business, but a few things stay the same.

One thing that hasn’t changed was the business failure rate. 96% of all businesses fail within the first 10 years. I want to change that and leave the business community better than I found it. I believe business can change the world.

One way I am working on leaving the business community better than I found it is by building what I am calling the Business Success Movement. The Movement’s purpose is to help CEOs and owners find more success in their life and their businesses, and help those business owners grow into innovative entrepreneurs changing the world. I want to help them build businesses that work (almost) without them (including creating a model for passive income) and building a business they can sell and retire from or franchise (if the choose to). I also want to introduce them to the Social Entrepreneurial or Conscious Capitalism concept where their for-profit business adds giving back and philanthropy into their business model.

This mastermind group is just one of the ways we will do that. The goal is to help owners like you move into building a systematized way to WORK ON their business and get peer-to-peer accountability, that delivers weekly focus and clarity into your business. At the end of the day, business is a system that you must manage. I believe the business failure rate is so high because many owners are not seasoned entrepreneurs that excel at managing a business. Beyond this, they sometimes struggle at understanding finances and profitability, sales, and marketing. These weak areas can really hold them back. Through the consistent and weekly group meetings I want to build stronger entrepreneurs that are willing to grab the bull by the horns and step into a more business management role.

WHY am I doing this?

My purpose in life is to challenge people to become innovative leaders so that we can change the world together.



Join the Business Success Movement

Join the Business Success Movement’s OFFICE HOURS mastermind group today!

What are people saying about working with me?

If you ever need to connect with someone who will truly be honest with you, create a safe space to be uncensored about your business struggles, and HOW to create win-win strategies to move forward and actually be successful - Dale is your guy! Getting on a call with him will instantly feel like your talking with family, and with someone who really cares. Thank you Dale!
Jessica M Powers
Business Owner
Dale has been a great mentor to me. He is easy to talk too, full of great ideas and out of the box thinking, but doesn't have an ego or thinks he knows it all. He's fun and easy to work with, and really invests his time into people without expectation. His main goal is to see results for his clients, and his hard work pays off for everyone.
Kasie Dailey testimonial of working with Dale Berkebile
Kasie Dailey
I've been working with Dale Berkebile, the Business Misfit. His knowledge and leadership skills are on point! His focus on Conscious Capitalism is paramount to what we need to have as the BACKBONE of our businesses. Humanity and Earth first. The Office Hours Mastermind provides weekly accountability sessions, brainstorming and guidance. I highly recommend the mastermind to help your business grow. I'd love to see you joining me each week!!!!!
Nisa Neethling
Nisa Neethling
Business Owner
It’s great to have a community of other entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of and learn from. If I have a business question I know I can count on someone to get me pointed in the right direction. This is why I like the Business Success Movement.
Adam Pate is a member of the Business Success Movement
Adam Pate
Business Owner
Dale, there's something very unique about you: You don't give up. When you make a decision; you make it work. And what's even more important: is that you do the right thing for people. You know when you can help them. And you know how to help them.
Pete Caputa
Business Owner
The best part about being a member of the Business Success Movement Facebook group, for me, is a feeling of not being alone as a business owner. Communicating with others that are dealing with challenges is both comforting and brings great opportunities to help each other to grow.
Brian Doyle
Chef & Business Owner
Dale is very knowledgeable and super easy to work with. It is clear that he values your success as a business and goes above and beyond to take your company from good to great. Highly recommended.
Beth Cherry
Business Owner / Art Director
Dale's fun and personable nature made our weekly meetings both productive and enjoyable. Dale is out front blazing a trail for companies that are ready to step out of the box.
Monique Allen
Business Owner
Join the Business Success Movement

Join the Business Success Movement’s OFFICE HOURS mastermind group today!

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